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Introduction: the Forgery and the Naming Deception of Fake "Azerbaijan"

Introduction: the Forgery and the Naming Deception of Fake "Azerbaijan"

The artificially fabricated bogus state of fake "Azerbaijan" was fraudulently counterfeited on Armenian territory in 1918 to forge an extension for the Ottoman Tyranny in the Caucasus with considerable obstinate British interference and later, non-negligible amount of help from the Bolshevik leaders whose red star was rapidly rising.

In pursuit of its delirious pan-Turkist ideology of "uniting" the tribes of Turkic origin from Finland to the Wall of China, the Turkish state has steadfastly clung to its number one priority of the total elimination of an Armenian state of any size, shape or form. The present day (2007) illegal embargo, imposed on the Republic of Armenia since 1992, the very days Armenians gained the upper hand in the "Azeri" perpetrated war on the people of Artsakh (Karabakh/Karabagh) who the "Azeris" claim to be the citizens of fake "Azerbaijan", is the blatant evidence that the oozing stench of the poisonous cesspool of pan-Turkism is as repugnant today as it was in 1915. The Armenian genocide of 1894-1923 was indeed the result of this same policy.

When the Frankenstein monster was dumped from the putrefied Turco-Bolshevik womb in May 1918, the date when the Mussavat clan formed the very first fake "Azerbaijan" government, the head of the Turkish army that had invaded the Caucasus, Nouri Pasha, half sibling of Enver (one of the architects of the Armenian Genocide), called the newborn nonentity "Azerbaijan" after the northwest region of Iran: the real Azarbaijan (Atrpatakan-Aturpatekan-Aturpayegan). What has happened since comes to confirm the malevolent intentions of the Turks at the time of this naming trickery. Protests followed from some patriotic Iranians including Sheik Mohammad Khiabani who were willing to give up their 2200 year old right to the name Azarbaijan (Atrpatakan) and call their province Azadestan (Azadistan, Land of the Free, Azad = free) in order not to be associated with the newly created fictitious "nation".

Roughly two decades later they undeservingly attributed the term "Azerbaijani" to themselves, much later still, in a manner of lavishing a term of endearment on oneself, this factitiously constructed "nation" called itself "Azeri", a nation that has never existed throughout human history. The Turkic leftovers of Oghuz invasions in the region were called Tatars before the transmutation, though only after the region fell under Russian rule in the 19th century and that was a promotion because earlier these tribal nomads distinguished one another from the color of their sheep or their hats.

The instant metamorphosis from Tatar to "Azerbaijani" (later "Azeri") in late 1930s was not an innocent affair either. This umbrella appellation was cunningly adopted to efface the numerous indigenous ethnicities of the region such as Tats, Talishes, Udins, Lezgins, Zakhors, Luitsis, Avars, Armenians, etc., who were subjected to every imaginable form of discrimination, common Turkish genocidal policy, in front of the indifferent eyes of Soviet leaders. While their numbers showed little increase and in most cases even dropped considerably in subsequent censuses, the number of "Azeris", i.e. Turks increased exponentially.

The Great Soviet Encyclopedia counts 150,000 Tats in fake "Azerbaijan" in the 1930s (volume 53, page 669, 1937). According to the same source, the language of 30,000 of these was Hebrew and 20,000 spoke Armenian. Unofficial records count 300,000 to 500,000 Talishes, 700,000 Lezgins and 250,000 Kurds in fake "Azerbaijan".

Below some examples of official "Azeri" "censuses":

Table 1

From the 1920 document, League of Nations Memorandum on the Application for the Admission of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the League of Nations regarding "The Transcaucasian territory in which the Republic of Azerbaijan has arisen. Its population according to the last Russian statistics, is estimated at 4.615.000 inhabitants, including 3.482.000 Musulman Tartars (not a single "Azeri" H.), 795.000 Armenians, 26.580 Georgians and scattered minorities of Russians, Germans and Jews". As far as "Azerbaijan's" "historic" territory "occupying a superficial area of 40.000 square miles, appears to have never formerly constituted a State, but has always been included in larger groups such as the Mongol or Persian and since 1813 the Russian Empire. The name Azerbaijan which has been chosen for the new Republic is also that of the neighbouring Persian province." (All emphases are mine. H.)

In 1921, after a passionate copulation between Kemal Ataturk and Lenin, under the supervision of that psychopathic, mass-murdering Georgian kinto, Joseph Dzhugashvil, a.k.a. Stalin, Armenia, who had suffered the most horrific tragedy in her history only a few years before, was sacrificed once again, this time on the altar of the newly forged Turco-Bolshevik "brotherhood".

The Armenian province Nakhijevan was illegally put under "Azerbaijani" control and Kars and beautiful Ani that has been savagely destroyed since, Ardahan, and Surmalu including the most sacred symbol for the Armenians, Mount Ararat that had never been part of Ottoman Tyranny, were offered to Turkey; all in all the package amounted to more than 60% of the internationally recognized pre-Soviet Republic of Armenia of the day - minus the four Armenian vilayets, Van, Karin (Erzerum), Trebizond and Baghesh (Bitlis), granted to Armenia by the treaty of Sèvres according to which the arbitration of the delineation of the border between Armenia and Ottoman Turkey was awarded to Woodrow Wilson who signed his decision on November 22, 1920.

The shameful document for the Turco-Bolshevik treachery is known as the Moscow/Kars treaty of 1921. The first part of this criminal act known as the "Turkish-Soviet friendship and brotherhood" was signed in Moscow on March 16, 1921 between two fraudulent representatives of their respective states without the participation of Armenia. To put some make-up on the revolting face of this monster, the powerless Soviet appointed Armenian side was brought to the table and forced to sign the second part of this perfidy in Turkish occupied Kars on October 13, 1921, in essence regurgitating the points of the Moscow treaty.

The whole shambles is a gross violation of the jus cogens regarding treaties between states, where under no circumstances they are empowered to decide the fate of an absent party. It is utterly illegal because the genocidal bandit Kemal was not the recognized leader of Turkey until 1923; stronger still, he was condemned to death by the Ottoman court, confirmed by the sultan and the mullahs, for conspiring to overthrow the government. The "Union" of Soviet Socialist "Republics" was only recognized in 1924 whereas the Republic of Armenia with its 72000 square kilometers was recognized in 1920 by the international community when the League of Nations had refused to recognize fake "Azerbaijan".

From League of Nations Journal N17 of the First Assembly (Geneva 1920, Page 139) "The Committee decided that though the request of Azerbaijan to be admitted was in order, it was difficult to ascertain the exact limits of the territory within which the Government of Azerbaijan exercised its authority. Frontier disputes with the neighbouring States did not permit of an exact definition of the boundaries of Azerbaijan. The Committee decided that the provisions of the Covenant did not allow of the admission of Azerbaijan to the League under present circumstances".

The fake state had more luck with the age old devotion of the British Empire to pan-Turkism. "On .May 28th, the Republic of Azerbaijan was proclaimed at Tiflis. .On the 17 of November, 1918, General Thomson, at the head of British troops, and representing the Allied and Associated Powers, entered Baku .On the 28th December, 1918, .General Thomson proclaimed that the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan would henceforth constitute the sole regular local government and that the Allies would guarantee their support to it", according to the abovementioned League of Nations Memorandum where it was nevertheless maintained that the "recognition is only claimed by the Azerbaijan Delegation to have been given de facto and that it was given only by Great Britain, France, Italy and Japan, but was refused by the USA" and "The territory of Azerbaijan having been originally part of the Empire of Russia, the question arises whether the declaration of the Republic in May 1918 and the recognition accorded by the Allied Powers in January 1920 suffice to constitute Azerbaijan de jure a "full self-governing State" within the meaning of Article 1 of the Covenant of the League of Nations".

In terms of the Soviet state of the time, the only legal document on Artsakh right after sovietization was issued on July 4, 1921, where the members of the Caucasian Bureau in Tbilisi decided to "include Nagorno-Karabakh in the Armenian SSR, and to conduct plebiscite in Nagorno-Karabakh only". The next day, 5th of July 1921, according to a totally void decision from Moscow, for which its representative Stalin failed to get approval, Artsakh (Karabakh) was illegally annexed to the fabricated counterfeit "Azerbaijan" and was under its unlawful occupation and oppression for the next 70 years. The treacherous Moscow/Kars treaty of 1921 and the subsequent persecutions of Armenians in Nakhijevan and Artsakh may be considered the root cause of the Artsakh movement in 1988 that even by the Admission of the anti-Armenian Gorbachev shook the foundations of the Soviet "Union".

The Soviet occupation of Iranian Azarbaijan and its propped up puppet Pishevari "government" in the region during WWII clearly show the pan-Turkist intent of naming the fictitious state after the real Azarbaijan. While US and international pressure had its influence in ousting the occupiers and Pishevari's escape to the USSR, the main reason for the Turco-Bolshevik failure lay in the fact that the people of real Azarbaijan (Atrpatakan) were - and still are - aware of their Iranian origin and did not support the fake "Azerbaijan" conspiracy.

Figure 4

Artificial Pan-Turkist Border Thanks to Reza Shah

Hardly three years old, counterfeit "Azerbaijan" craved more Armenian territory and having the support of the Bolshevik criminals it obtained Nakhijevan and Artsakh (Karabakh) in 1921. The case of Nakhijevan is particularly unique in the sense that it is outside fake "Azerbaijan" territory and the only reason for putting it under "Azerbaijani" control as an "autonomous republic" was to cunningly provide a border between the newly fabricated pan-Turkic state with its progenitor, the Ottoman Tyranny.

In a trip to Turkey in 1934, Reza Shah of Iran became so mesmerized by the genocidal bandit Kemal Ataturk's superficial modernization that he aided pan-Turkism, perhaps unintentionally, by ceding a beak shaped area from Iranian territory to the Turks to provide a fourteen kilometer border between Turkey and the illegally usurped Nakhijevan, in reality between Turkey and fake "Azerbaijan".



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