Monday, January 29, 2007

How Can You Betray Pestilence?

How Can You Betray Pestilence?

We never considered you our nation neither our masters
You came to us like an abomination and fell upon us like a disaster

You were never seen as superior but you were a curse
So how can I do something to you that can be worse
Than anything you did to us the last thousand years?
Your legacy has been none but adversity, misery and tears

You descended upon us like cancer and the plague
So how can we betray disease, pain? And the dregs
That you are, you have not acquired the human traits
Shame, Guilt, Honesty, Modesty, Sincerity, "brave"
Turks call you yourselves, yet you deny your past

We know that you are nothing but the pest
That squats in our ruin infested home but never infected
Our blood... So how can you claim that we defected
And joined the enemies and stabbed you from the back?

When ‘twas you who initiated the attack
On women, children, elderly left helpless,
Treacherously bereft of the able bodied men
And community leaders. A nation rendered headless
Could never have had the means to attempt
To eradicate the vermin that had been gnawing at their roots
For nine dark centuries your swarm of Mongol locust
Hovered above Armenia and preyed upon us
To quench its thirst for blood and its beastly lust

Still you Serpent, spew the poison that implicates
The Armenians in the "losses" you "suffered"
In a war you decided to enter to pursue your wretched
Delirium, pan-Turkism, that with its ugly forked tongue
Every now and then slurps and swallows a newly offered
Sacrifice from among the best in our nation but for how long?

Why for a change shouldn’t we have brought upon you
The calamity, the rebellion you accuse us of? So that we too
Could have a soother for the restless
Souls of our charred and unburied millions

Tell me Invader, how can one betray cancer?

How can you stab the Plague in its putrid rear,
Or turn your back on pestilence? Or was it your fear
Of a revolt by those enslaved and ensnared
Under your paws and claws? Would they have dared
To ponder the beautiful plains, the mountains, the rivers
Yonder where man is said to have been created and saved
From an affliction a thousand times less cruel
Than what your species of vicious, merciless brutes
Spread into every corner of that very sacred ground?