Wednesday, June 25, 2008

And the Fraud Had a Name: Conclusion


“Armenia is a fictitious state created on Azerbaijani land ...”

…said the defunct Communist party leader and Politburo member turned pan-Turkist, self-imposed President of the Republic of fake “Azerbaijan”, Heydar Aliev on 26 March 1998, as part of his “Decree of the President of “Azerbaijan” on the “Genocide!!!” of the “Azeris””. Needless to say he did not feel the need to produce a single proof for these fecal ejaculations. There’s just almost nothing wrong with this statement. In fact it would be perfectly correct if it started with “Azerbaijan” and ended with “Armenian land”. Turkish accounts of history are always 180 degrees opposite to the truth.

Throughout this exposé it has been clearly shown that the belligerent, deceitfully counterfeited pan-Turkist pseudo state of fake “Azerbaijan” has engaged in a fanatical, all encompassing history falsification and fairytale fabrication to justify its illegal presence and genocidal existence on behalf of the indigenous people of the southeastern flank of the Armenian Highland, wrongly renamed into “Southern Caucasus” by the Turkophile West or “Transcaucasus” by the not seldom double dealing Russians, just as in the case of bogus “Azerbaijan’s” progenitor where the western parts of Armenian Highland have been desecrated into “Eastern Anatolia”.

According to these murderous hordes turned “modern”, “democratic”, “secular” and “European”, an Armenia did not exist anywhere in Armenian Highland, because in the opposite case, their miserable existence and the disappearance of the indigenous people who lived there from the beginning of human history until the 20th century would raise questions. What else remains to be said of the eastern extension of Turkey whose name is fake, whose history is fake, whose geography is fake, whose nationality is fake, whose culture is fake, whose heritage is fake, whose genocide is fake, whose monuments are fake, whose ancestors are fake, whose royal dynasties are fake, whose heroes are fake, whose poets are fake, whose philosophers, etc., are fake?

For a sham like fake “Azerbaijan”, it is an extraordinary feat that this robber of other peoples’ name, history, geography, nationality, culture, heritage, genocide, monuments, ancestors, royal dynasties, heroes, poets, philosophers, etc., they have fooled the “civilized” world into accepting them as part of the UN, the Council of Europe and soon NATO, despite its bloody and expansionist, less than 90 years history (as of April 2008). This is an accomplishment never heard of in human history, exactly like a nation called “Azeri”.

Delving into treasures left for us and those to come, from the dawn of recorded history, by historians of any corner of the world who have written about the region one cannot conclude but:

  • I. Never and in no historical period since the continents have accepted the present form and human societies have developed on this planet, has there ever existed a country called “Azerbaijan” north of the Arax River.

  • II. Azarbaijan (Atrpatakan) has always been to the south of the Arax River, even in those periods when the borders of Aghvank (Aran/Aluania), following the whims of the rulers of the region, sometimes reached the Arax. Generally the River Kur has been cited as the southern and western border of Aghvank with Armenia.

  • III. Regardless of the borders of Aghvank (Aran/Aluania), it’s interesting that, like the ancient Greek and Roman authors, almost all Islamic historians and geographers have unequivocally considered Aghvank part of Armenia. This is proof that long before Turkic invasions, the Aghvans (people of Aran) had already assimilated or in the process of assimilation with the Armenians who they were historically related to.

  • IV. Nowhere and in no historical document is there a word about a nation called “Azeri”. While the Persian dialect of the people of the real Azarbaijan (Atrpatakan) has been called Pahlavi Azari or Irani Azari by some Islamic historians, never has the term ever been applied to a nation before the end of the 1930s, about two decades after the counterfeiting of fake “Azerbaijan”.

  • V. A language derived from Turkish called “Azeri” does not exist. Turks of the Caucasus speak a dialect of Turkish.

  • VI. As a result of Turkic domination in the region, the people of the real Azarbaijan (Atrpatakan) south of the Arax River have gradually lost their native Pahlavi language, however, they are Turkish speaking Iranians and cannot be considered Turks. The obvious reason that backs this claim is that their affinity is to Iran and not to pan-Turkism.

  • VII. The people of Aghvank (Aran/Aluania) living to the north and the people of Azarbaijan (Atrpatakan) living to the south of the Arax River have always been two separate, unrelated entities throughout history in racial, linguistic, religious, cultural and national terms.

  • VIII. Fact III above alone pulverizes Heydar Aliev’s delirium, in case one would be so uninformed to believe the “Azeris” were the descendants of what they fallaciously and maliciously call “Albanians” (Aghvans), which is of course total baloney. Not only have they no idea of the language, customs, religion, history and culture of the people of Aghvank, they do not show an iota of affinity with this long extinct Christian nation and would exterminate them with sadistic pleasure had they survived until the twentieth century.

  • IX. Their claim to be of so-called “Albanian” (Aghvan) descent faded totally when instead of keeping the name of the nation they pretend to be their origins, these leftovers of Oghuz invaders that lived under a tribal clan system up to and well after the counterfeiting of their fabricated “nation” called themselves “Azeri”, nonexistent in human history.

Probably no one says it more appropriately than the great 20th century Azarbaijani Iranian historian, Ahmad Kassravi Tabrizi (Kasravi), not without a dose of humor: “It’s astonishing that they have given the name Azerbaijan to what used to be Aran… Not that this would be to the detriment of Azarbayegan (the real Azarbaijan H.) but because our Arani brothers have totally turned their backs on their history and heritage at the dawn of their free and independent life. Such a stupefying phenomenon has no precedence in history.” (Ahmad Kassravi, The Unknown Kings, page 265.)

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