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The “Azeri” Response: Genocide and War

The “Azeri” Response: Genocide and War

As clearly as it can be observed from the moment of counterfeiting of bogus “Azerbaijan”, the aim of Turkey was the prevention of the liberation of Armenian territories not under Ottoman yoke and expansion of Armenia eastwards whereby a strong Armenian state would endanger the delirious, nonsensical pan-Turkist ideal in which no such state had the right of existence.

As absurd as this bigoted ideology is, given that firstly, the communication facilities of today have eliminated the necessity for any actual territorial continuity for groups of same ethnic origin living in different countries and secondly, even if Armenia did not exist there would still be the greatest lake in the world that separated the Turkic groups, the Turk has not abandoned this sick dream and the events that happened since 1988 have come to confirm this.

Genocide and war which were perpetrated against Armenia in an era of the USSR on the verge of collapse and afterwards, with direct orders and help from Turkey using the pretext of totally nonviolent Armenian protests, show to what degree the Turks feared the strengthening of a rising albeit weak yet independent Armenia, where the terrible wrong committed in 1921 could, only partly, be made right by the unification of Artsakh to the motherland. The more justice for Armenia, a bit more the pan-Turkist ogre dies which is a good thing not only for the Armenians but for Iran, human civilization and the Turks themselves.

By waking up from the fabricated Ataturk fairytale dream of the inventors of genocide being the progenitors of all ancient civilizations, there is the chance that the Turk will gradually acquire the human traits such as shame, guilt, remorse, honesty, modesty, sincerity and will become part of civilized human society, otherwise it will only be a matter of time that Turks will claim every territory on this planet by the extension of these fables once there is no more Armenia.

First of all there is the real Azarbaijan (Atrpatakan) that with its Turkish speaking Iranian population will be annexed to the fake nonentity that stole its name for this very purpose. The dismantling of Iran comes up every now and then in western media especially in relation with the new division of the so-called Middle-East.

Later, when probably a passed 100 million Turkey is allowed in the EU, they will turkify Europe in a couple of centuries at most, which will occur much faster than the turkification of Armenia and Asia Minor that demanded a time span of nine centuries, forced assimilation and physical extermination of the indigenous peoples.

Suffice that Turkish men marry European women where as a consequence the woman is Islamized and the offspring almost always adopts the Turkish identity as a result of the total disappearance of all positive nationalistic beliefs (or beliefs of any sort) in Europe and the false political correctness they have been fed for the last decades. The high birthrate of the Turks in contrast with the declining population of indigenous Europeans will slowly but surely end in the “peaceful” turkification of Europe, what the Ottomans were unable to carry out with war. It is not for nothing that when the green light was given to Turkey in December 2005 for the commencement of talks to “integrate” the sick barbarian into European civilization, Abdullah Gul, the foreign minister of Turkey of the time admitted that Turks had been waiting for that event for five hundred years.

After Europe, it will be the turn of north Americas. Since Turks have proved beyond an epsilon of doubt that Eskimos and Native Americans are Turks, of course without the slightest necessity for proof, nor challenged by any scholar when such rubbish is produced even in reputable western universities, it will not surprise anyone when they demand “usurped” Turkish territory from Canada and the United States.

If these thoughts seem farfetched then the reader is kindly asked to do some research into the history of the Ottoman Tyranny: read real books from real historians from all ethnicities and eras, not Ataturk fables. The Turkish internet forums are also a good place to be acquainted with pan-Turkist mindset of the majority of Turks today. But let us see how far the Turk goes for expanding its territory, the real reason for the unending and unpunished genocide of the Armenian nation whose home this creature has decided to devastate and where it is determined to stay at any cost.


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