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Fallacious Population Argumentations

Fallacious Population Argumentations

In order to justify their illegitimate presence on other peoples’ territory and usurpation thereof, the Turkish history falsifiers resort to ludicrous anachronistic sophistry which on the superficial level may seem reasonable to inexperienced third party so-called scholars. This creates in the mind of a non-Turkish/non-Armenian enthusiast (or history prostitute) a false two sided story where both parties are treated on an equal footing regarding their territorial claims.

Of course, even an amateur student of the issues will soon discover that the Turkish presence west of the Caspian dates from the 11th century AD, at the time of the first Turkic invasions of the region by the Oghuz Turkmen tribes, also known as Seljuks. The subsequent centuries bring more of this sort of calamity: the Mongols, Tatars, Ak Koyunlu (Aq Qoyunlu), Kara Koyunlu (Qara Qoyunlu), etc., all of which cause irreparable damage to the civilization, economy, culture, demography and progress of the nations of the Caucasus, the Armenian Highland, the Iranian Plateau, Mesopotamia, Asia Minor and beyond.

The Mongol invasion for instance is considered the most horrendous human disaster throughout history which caused the destruction of almost a fifth of the human population of the world at the time. The tyrannical rule of the bandit “empires” these primitive tribes created drained all the resources of the enslaved natives and put a halt on the advancement of their civilizations.

Totally disregarding this context and presenting history upside-down, the Turks, including the “Azeri” variation, project the sorry circumstances of their presence onto the indigenous people, consider themselves autochthonous and weave cock-and-bull stories about the Armenians’ recent settlement in the region.

Examples abound: “Erivan (Yerevan H.) was a Muslim city in late seventeenth century” (emphasis is mine). Here, not only are they being asinine, they are also playing the filthy religion card in the days of Muslim-Christian sensitivities.

While for a long time eastern parts of Armenia were under Iranian rule, the regions north of the Arax (Araxes) River were ceded to the Russians according to the Golestan (1813) and Turkmanchai (1828) (alt. Gulistan and Turkmenchai) treaties between Russia and Iran after the Iranian defeat.

Especially in the Safavid era and as the consequence of centuries long wars between Persians and Ottomans on Armenian territory, unimaginable hardship, population migrations and forced relocations resulted in inevitable demographic changes. Shah Abbas’ policy of scorched land, to cut supplies for the Ottoman army, which destroyed great parts of Armenia and especially the Araratian plains and the rich, thriving city Jugha (Julfa) in Nakhijevan, and the forced relocation of about 300,000 Armenians to Iran in 1604, which entailed many thousands of casualties and almost emptied these parts of Armenia from its natives, is one blatant, blinding fact that is not taken into account in “Azeri” history concoctions. The later settlements of mainly Muslims in those regions explain the allegations of a Muslim majority (not entirely true though) in those provinces.

Now, the “Azeri” distorians simply howl to the world, without presenting valid data of course, that Muslims outnumbered the Armenians somewhere in the 18th century, yet history does not start in that specific period. The origin of the name Yerevan goes back almost two thousand eight hundred years (writing end of 2007), precisely 782 BC, when the Armenian king Argishti I built a fortress southeast of today’s Yerevan, around the Arin-Berd hill, which he called Erebuni. One couldn’t resist the temptation to ask the “Azeri” fakers whether “Erivan” still had a majority “Azeri” Muslim population more than fourteen hundred years before Islam, almost two thousand years before the Turkic influx and twenty seven centuries before the counterfeiting of fictitious “Azerbaijan”.

Another example of this misrepresentation of population data concerns the Armenian and Muslim presence in Artsakh (Karabakh). Once again, every imaginable distortion of facts is employed to show the world that “Azeris”, a “nation” or ethnicity that never existed throughout history, were in majority and that the Armenians are comers who emigrated from Iran and settled in eastern parts of Armenia after the Russian conquest in the 19th century. It’s interesting to ask these forgers what the Armenians were doing in Iran in the first place and wherefrom and in what circumstances they had been relocated to Iran. Again, for these history inventors the period before 1828 is irrelevant or never existed.

Already in 1822, 6 years prior to the Turkmenchai treaty, the Russians carried out censuses to determine the number of the Armenians in Georgia, Gandzak (Elisavetpol), and Baku. In Artsakh (Karabakh) the then Persian appointed Mahdi-qoli Khan did not allow the survey. When he fled to Iran, the Russians were able to lead the survey in 1823 and established the numbers of Armenian and Muslim villages which concluded that the Armenians were in overwhelming majority in Artsakh contrary to present day delirious “Azeri” claims:

Table 2

It is like alleging since the population in today’s (2007) Turkey is 99.9% Muslim, therefore, the Armenians do not have the right to claim what was ravished from them through genocide, while every self-respecting human being knows that the population of Armenia and Asia Minor was almost 100% Christian before the outbreak of the Turkic abomination and they were the indigenous peoples of the region who had accepted Christianity centuries before that. Even as late as the 19th century, despite constant inflation of the numbers of Turkic comers and underestimation of the Christian natives, despite the ceaseless planned turkification of those throughout the Ottoman era, Christians constituted a considerable percentage of the population and were systematically annihilated during the first quarter of the twentieth century.


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