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The Khojaly Incident Scam

The Khojaly Incident Scam

Khojaly, Khojalu, Khodjali, Xojali, Xocali, Hocali, etc. from khoja Ali (khoja/khodja, khajeh خواجه in Persian meaning distinguished man, also eunuch), originally a village in Artsakh populated by Armenians, an “Azeri” village of the same name was later created nearby which grew to become a town. This was a common practice among many others in Soviet “Azeri” policy to drive Armenians out of Artsakh. The new villages were built near strategic locations such as riverheads to illegally appropriate the control over water resources and ruin the agriculture for the Armenians.

An attempt to understand Turkish inhumanity

The Turk is a strange creature. As an Armenian I have never quite understood the reason for the infinite hatred of these invading squatters who have used and abused the indigenous Christian peoples of Armenia, Asia Minor and the Balkans for centuries. While they did not succeed in turkifying the Eastern European nations under their yoke, their venomous rancor against the Christians, especially the Armenians who were the most numerous and besides the Greeks, the oldest civilization of all the subjugated nations, calcinated their physical existence and reduced their spiritual heritage to ashes wherever Turks could lay their paws on.

The Armenian history is one of an uphill struggle of a peaceful, hard working and cultural nation to maintain their national identity and revive their statehood whenever, and that was often, it had been subjected to ruthless invaders and occupiers.

Since early days of history Assyrians, Medes, Achaemenid and Sassanid Persians, Greeks, Romans and Arabs have attacked and plundered Armenia and have forced their rule, almost exclusively through treachery, since none were able to defeat the Armenians spiritually or on the battleground.

Usually, they would cunningly invite the Armenian king to a banquet and stab or poison him to death, like in the case of king Antiochus Yervanduni of Commagene and Artavazd II who was kidnapped by Mark Anthony to Egypt and was executed, or king Pap of Armenia who refused to obey Roman dictates and was savagely butchered at a Roman dinner table, or Arshak II who had done priceless service to the Sassanid king Shapur II, who he blinded and imprisoned for life in the Anhush tower, or the invitation of 800 Armenian princes and notables in 708 AD for talks and their burning in churches in Nakhijevan by Muhammad ibn Marwan the caliph’s governor of Armenia…

Examples abound, but nothing like what befell the peoples west of the Caspian starting from the 11th century AD had ever been experienced. The historians’ descriptions of the inhumanity of the marauding Turkic hordes sound like most horrific nightmares and were they not confirmed by all the chroniclers of the peoples of the cradle of civilization, one would think the given author was the founder of surrealistic literature.

Contrary to pro-Turkish falsifiers, the Armenian nation was formed in Armenian Highland, otherwise, a shred of evidence proving their origin from somewhere else must have been found by now. The idea is to twist history 180 degrees attributing the intruding nomadic Turks the status of the indigenous inhabitants of the lands they occupy, despite mountains of evidence chronicled by all the nations west of the Caspian that prove beyond doubt that the disastrous Turkic influx into the region started after the 11th century AD.

The Armenians were living in their homeland since the dawn of history, minding their business while they were frequently being invaded by Assyrians, Medes, Persians, Romans and Arabs among others. But then they came...

The various Ural-Altaic intruders brought nothing but death, destruction, subjugation, slavery, terror, rape, pillage, plunder, stealing of women and children and genocide and stopped the natural progress of the industrious Armenians. In return the Armenians gave them everything: they almost built their Empire of Rape, fought their wars in form of janissaries: sons of Christians, mostly Armenians stolen when they were usually under ten, converted to Islam and brought up as ruthless fighters to oppress and kill their own. Being better in business they ran the Ottoman economy. The Armenian farmers took care that the lazy Tatar stomachs were full while their own backs broke under unbearably heavy taxes of all sorts sometimes even reaching 200% of their product. They even provided the Turks with genes to lose their Mongoloid features.

Armenians pioneered every single western idea in the fields of art, philosophy, politics, culture, science, industry, etc. Since they risked their tongues being cut off if they spoke Armenian, for 250 years the latest western books of all kind were translated into Turkish, written with Armenian alphabet, to enlighten the people in mainland Armenia. The Turkish elite also read those books which influenced the evolution of the Turkish language that acquired new words and expressions from European languages turning their backward, nomadic gibberish into a modern tool of speech and writing.

Armenians since Sinan, the founder of Ottoman architecture and the greatest Ottoman architect of all time, until the Balian family, built their mosques, bridges, schools, hospitals and palaces for centuries, the same palaces in whose harems their sultans raped stolen Christian women… Yet in the end, when they thought they did not need the “goose that laid golden eggs” anymore, they gave the Armenians genocide for thank you.

One wonders if in a moment of contemplating the reason for its presence on other peoples’ homeland, the following thoughts ever occur to this strange creature, the Turk:

“Did the Armenians ask the Turks to invade their home?
Did the Armenians ask, after 4000 years of civilization, the Turks who were in the lowest stages of evolution, to come and rule over them?
Did the Armenians ask the Turks to subjugate this highly civilized ancient nation and become their masters?
Did the Armenians ask the Turks to come and stop their progress?
Did the Armenians ask the Turks to come and destroy their farmland, churches, monasteries, cemeteries, towns and cities?
Did the Armenians ask the Turks to treat them like their reaya?
Did the Armenians ask the Turks to settle the Kurds in Armenia to harass them for 500 years to make sure the Armenians would never summon up enough force to raise their heads and liberate their homeland from their barbaric yoke?
Did the Armenians ask the Turks to steal their children for 500 years for janissary?
Did the Armenians ask the Turks to change the name of their country, provinces, cities, towns and even flora and fauna?
Did the Armenians ask the Turks to still squat in their home after they exterminated the landlord?”

None of this ever occurs to 99.99% of the Turks if we are to judge by the aggressive reactions to the mention of the Armenian Genocide coming from the bulk of Turkish society from top to bottom. Turks constantly accuse the Armenians of treason and justify the “deportation” of the whole nation from all over the empire under the pretext of the danger from the Armenians to join the Russians. A preposterous claim since the enemy operated on front lines not inside the country, if there ever was the slightest fear from all the women, children and the elderly who were driven to their deaths, the able-bodied men having been recruited and taken care of earlier.

The handful desperate acts of self-defense especially that in Van, have enraged the Turk that is incapable of tolerating Armenians not thankfully submitting their necks to the cold blade of their scimitar. Such acts of self-defense are always claimed as proof of disloyalty of the Armenians (disloyal to the murderous occupiers?) and justification for their slaughter. The same kind of accusations comes from the other variant, the “Azeri” Turks howling to the world that the Armenians committed genocide against the “Azeris” in 1905-1906 (mind you they were still called Tatars) when the Armenians were defending themselves against the Tatar hordes that were killing and looting the Armenians in Baku, Nakhijevan, Artsakh and beyond.

The total insensitivity to their bloody past is what gives us the assurance that the Turk has not yet acquired a range of human traits civilized nations have come to absorb perhaps since ten thousand years or so: remorse, guilt, shame, compassion, honesty, modesty, sincerity, truthfulness, conscience, objectivity, self-criticism, sympathy and understanding for the suffering of others, the ability to share others' pain, the ability to value achievements of civilization such as works of art, places of worship, manuscripts, cities, etc., all characteristics that have separated the humans from beasts.

Exactly this utter shamelessness is what frustrates the Armenians most: the brazenness to project all their vices on the Armenians and play the victim. Turks kill, destroy, demolish, desecrate, exterminate, pillage and usurp what is Armenian and accuse the Armenians of the same.


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