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More Lies from a Warmongering Loser

More Lies from a Warmongering Loser

The insignificant Khojaly incident scam is indeed the most grotesquely repulsive and widespread of the “Azeri” lies in relation with their miserable defeat in the war they perpetrated against Armenians in the 1990s. It is also the only “trump” (with a “little” help from their western admirers of course) in terms of accusing the Armenians of an atrocity that neither happened the way the impostors picture it, nor, whatever it was, did it touch the “Azeris”, the whole tragedy being the mutilation and desecration of about thirty four Armenian hostages performed well inside “Azeri” controlled areas days after their butchering, photos and videos of whose dismembered bodies, mainly taken by the “Azeri” reporter who was murdered after he found out the truth, were abused to bring the Armenians down to their genocidal level.

Yet it is not the only brazen fabrication of the masters of hypocrisy. There is, on one hand the incessant howling and whimpering of the whole pack from the highest governmental level to the “intellectuals”, students and the “man” in the street spewing hate rants, declaring war and demanding the obliteration of Armenians to get Artsakh “back”, on the other hand their wailing and sniveling in front of the world about the “loss” of 20% of “ancient Azeri territory”, one million “refugees” and the “genocide” they “suffered” in the hands of bad Armenians.

It is truly lamentable that in our day and age the states pretending to be the advocates of freedom, human rights and the rights of people for self-determination are totally deaf and blind to these warmongering announcements and monstrosities regularly committed by Turks against Armenians yet their sensitivity to and unconditional approval of these blatant lies are always guaranteed.

If the so-called free world blindly buys the foul statements of the Turks, there should be no surprise when the Muslim world reacts sympathetically to these lies normally without objective examination of the history of the issue and the irrefutable data that exposes the thinly disguised “Azeri” fabrications.

The dirty and dangerous religion card has never been played by the Armenians against all the calamity the Turkic abomination has brought their nation and civilization, even when during the whole Turkish domination the utter discrimination and dehumanization was justified according to the Islamic doctrine. The Christian nations under the Ottoman yoke were considered mere cattle that deserved no justice and could be treated by a Muslim of any rank anyway they chose. During any period of massacre and deportation – and these were regularly carried out for centuries – cries of “Gavur (infidel)”, “where’s your savior now?” or “accept Islam or die” were typically let out by the frenzied assailants.

Yet not all Islamic states treated their non-Muslim citizens in similar manner. Particularly the sheltering of Armenian “deportees” by desert Arabs in the dark days of the Armenian Genocide, the warm reception of the survivors in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt and Iran and the utmost respect they enjoyed afterwards have obliged the Armenians so deeply that they will be eternally thankful to the Arab and Iranian peoples. The Armenians in their turn have done their best to be useful to their new home and have participated in its progress in all fields.

And these bloodsucking defilers of the Armenians cannot hold back their ghastly, inhuman desires and after centuries long use and abuse of these peaceful people who for thousands of years minded their business in their home, the usurpation of 90% of historic Armenian territory, the physical extermination of the indigenous owners of the same, the destruction of the spiritual heritage spread all over the land that confirmed the ownership thereof, the undeserved appropriation of their culture, the denial of all of that and the projection of all their vices on the Armenians, have not shown the dignity to reciprocally refrain from exploiting the filthy religion card in these days of rising Christian/Muslim misunderstanding and antagonism.

No wonder: since the Turk has not yet acquired, among others, the human characteristic known as shame, they would also throw this ugly card on the table and unabashedly misuse it to win sympathy from Islamic countries.

On every occasion of gathering of representatives of Muslim nations including the Islamic Congress, the lies about 20% occupied “Azeri” land, one million refugees, Khojaly scam and the Armenian “aggression” against “poor”, Muslim “Azeris” are regurgitated ad nauseam, resolutions are passed condemning Armenia without the chance for the Armenians (usually not allowed in such meetings) to present their case for an objective scrutiny of the affair.

For instance, the state of Pakistan that because of its nonexistent history clings solely to its Islamic identity has refused to recognize the Armenian state and no relations exist between the two countries. Fortunately this does not apply to the majority of Islamic countries that have warm relations with Armenia and in turn the Armenian state immensely values this friendship which comes from the subsequent years of the genocide in case of Middle-Eastern Arab countries and indeed, millennia old ties from days before Islam and Christianity with Mesopotamian peoples and especially Iranians.

So when did this chronic Turkish mythomania start and what would happen to Turks if they let all the lies go and accepted who they are, what they are and where they came from?

To usurp the caliphate which according to Sunni Islam was meant to be exclusively in the hands of the Quraysh tribe, the clerics of sultan Selim I (1512–1520) justified the transgression by changing the law thus: since Selim had eliminated all rivals including the Abbasid Al-Mutawakkil III and the Mamluk dynasty, the caliphate should pass to those who had the right of sword rather that of bloodline. Enter fake caliphate.

The Armenian historians have noted that whenever the Turks “conquered” a region in Armenia, they immediately sent their agents to the area who would first of all change the place names, usually by replacing the name with some similar sounding, yet irrelevant, Turkish term or rename it whichever way they chose. Compare the recent changing of Mount Ararat into Agri Dag, Akhtamar into Ag Damar (Turkish for white vein (!)) or Anatolia (Greek for east) into Anadolu (Turkish for land of many mothers (!)), etc.

The most loathsome and tasteless of all is the obliteration of Armenia into “Eastern Anatolia”. Anatolia means east in Greek which in itself is a meaningless term. “Eastern Anatolia” would signify eastern east, i.e. total nonsense. The other name Asia Minor, coming from the Romans, is a more meaningful appellation for the peninsula that ends at the 38th eastern meridian. The Armenian Highland starts from there eastwards, thus, where Asia Minor or Anatolia ends.

It is truly woeful that even educated scholars have plunged into this genocidal Turkish pitfall and parrot this odious term when talking about Armenia and the Armenian Genocide. Seems the not so logically competent Turk is wittier than meets the eye after all.

Another lie concerned the underestimation of the Armenian population and exaggeration of that of Muslims. Of course, here they cunningly used the religion factor since a very small percentage of those Muslims were Turks. Here the census was not conducted by counting individuals, rather the number of families was considered. Armenian historians note that traditional Armenian families were large, usually having more than 10, sometimes even 25 and 30 members. The Turkish clerks multiplied the number of Armenian families by 5 and the Muslims by 10 and higher. This way they got a distorted number of population proportion, a lie which they misuse until today.

In addition, most of the times the term Ermeni, the Turkish transliteration for Armenian, was being interpreted as not solely meaning Armenian, but another generic term meaning Christian! This way a false Muslim “majority” was created meaning Turkish and the largest millet in the whole “empire” was gradually being eliminated.

We saw that Turkey’s offspring copied all the methods of lying, genocide and denial from its progenitor and that the artificially manufactured blanket term “Azerbaijani” in 1930s was a devious process to eliminate all non-Turkish ethnicities of the region, the usual lies that with the help of powerful allies, especially the Anglo-Saxon world and Israel, have become so current they are even believed by supposedly neutral or pro-Armenian intellectuals, political analysts, reporters, etc.

The most usual tactic of these pro-Turkish channels consists of giving the whole issue the outward look of equality between the parties. This point is discussed in more detail in the section Fabricated History to Suit a Fabricated “Nation”, suffice be said that the fable of an ancient “Azerbaijan” that engulfed the whole of present day fake “Azerbaijan”, Armenia and Dagestan plus parts of Turkish occupied Armenia, plus real Azarbaijan (Atrpatakan), plus the whole of Median empire, plus wherever the whim of the fabricators takes them at the moment of their creative outburst, is valid currency among pro-Turkish sources that comfortably utter the fallacious terms “Northern Azerbaijan/Southern Azerbaijan”, the “decimation” of the “ancient “Azeri” nation” in two by the evil Russians in the first quarter of the 19th century as a result of Golestan/Turkmenchai treaties and gobbledygook of the sort.

Besides the Khojaly scam the most frequently repeated “Azeri” lies in relation with their pathetic defeat in a war they themselves unleashed are: the so-called 20% “Azeri” territories occupied by Armenian “aggressors” who were doing nothing but defending their homes that were being bombarded from all points surrounding Artsakh, and the myth of one million “Azeri refugees”, double the number of “Azeris” that as a consequence of the war they started mostly sold their houses and fled.


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