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“Azeri” Fabricated One Million Lie

“Azeri” Fabricated One Million Lie

Along with the 20% occupied “Azeri” territory lie, the bogus figure of one million “Azeri” refugees accompanies the cacophonous whimpering of wolf in sheep skin Tatar charlatans.

Another mercenary, “Solomon Ortiz, a Democrat Congressman and co-chairman of Azerbaijan delegation of the US Congress, said in the House of Representatives that as a result of the invasion of the Armenian Armed Forces in Nogorno-Karabakh and seven regions, 1 million of Azerian people became immigrant and refuge”, from a Turkish source, typos included.

Meanwhile this myth has been demolished even by the Turkophile Council of Europe.

From point B.II.13 of the above webpage: “13. In Azerbaijan three categories of people need to be distinguished: displaced persons who had to flee Karabakh (as a result of a fire they ignited in Sumgait. H.), displaced persons from the districts of the Republic of Azerbaijan that are, strictly speaking, occupied (strictly speaking, they were shelling civilians day and night, therefore the fire had to be extinguished. H.), and Azerbaijanis from Armenia, who are refugees under international humanitarian law (168,000 total, 144,000 of which sold their houses 24,000 received compensation; therefore, under no laws can they be considered refugees. H.). It is impossible to establish the number of people currently concerned with any certainty …These figures can however be updated by statistics provided by UNHCR (for the end of 2004)11 which indicate a figure of 578,545 internally displaced persons and 8,606 refugees”. Compare, from points B.II.5 and B.II.6 of the same page: “…the number of refugees opting for Armenian citizenship was relatively small. This changed with the enactment in 2000 of a law on persons forcibly displaced from Azerbaijan between 1988 and 1992 who have been naturalised; …As a result, over 15,000 refugees in 2000 and over 16,000 in 2001 acquired citizenship …In terms of numbers of refugees and displaced persons, …These figures can however be updated by more recent statistics (end of 2004) provided by UNHCR4 which indicate a figure of 235,235 refugees.” (All emphases are mine. H.)

Eight thousand six hundred and six “Azeri” refugees give and take for 235,235 forcibly displaced Armenian refugees and that from a pro-Turkish source!

It’s not just the inflated number that reeks of fraud; it is the sniveling of “Azeri” authorities about the wretched conditions of these, whenever they get the chance to spew it at the international community, whereas they threaten to wipe Armenia off the map with the help of arms bought with their billions of oil dollars, on a daily basis and from the highest officials to every outlet of internal mass media. Instead of housing the displaced “Azeris” in up to 118,000 houses plundered from the Armenians who were kicked out through acts of genocide from 1988 to 1992, official Baku and Co. parade their nonexistent refugees in front of the world to cash in world pity.

I. Of 420,000 out of a total of some 484,000 inhabitants who left the seven liberated districts 45,000 returned to “Azeri” controlled areas of Aghdam and Fizuly, all according to “Azeri” sources, data presented to the Council of Europe in May 1997. Thus 375,000 left the liberated territories.

II. The number of “Azeris” who left Armenia for Azerbaijan sold or exchanged their houses or received the equivalent of 110 million US dollars in all, as compensation for houses damaged in the devastating earthquake of December 7, 1988.

III. A total of 40,000 “Azeris” left NKR for “Azerbaijan”.

Table 4

Grand total: 583,000 displaced “Azeris” (not one million), as a consequence of “Azeri” perpetrated war, less than 8 % of the total population of “Azerbaijan”. Isn’t it the Turks that constantly cry “It was war… people died” when one mentions the Armenian Genocide?

Before the genocidal acts reached Artsakh proper, the total Armenian population of Artsakh with its deceitfully severed northern regions, counted 268,000, by the end of 1988.

When in 1923 the “Azeri” usurpers were given the free hand by Bolshevik bandits to falsify the borders of Artsakh, they left several densely Armenian populated areas out of the “autonomous” Nagorno Karabakh Oblast, namely the historic Armenian province of Gardman-Hyots region. This was the continuation of the same genocidal policy for which fake “Azerbaijan” was faked in the first place.

As a result of the pogroms in Gandzak in November 1988 the whole Armenian population was expelled and by means of the Ring Operation with the help of the Soviet Russian army from April to May 1991, 24 Armenian settlements were ethnically “cleansed” and completely occupied.

Table 5

Proportionally speaking, Armenians have had to put up with far higher number of refugees not to speak of the fact that unlike in the case of the “Azeris”, none ever received any compensation. Around 33% of the entire Armenian population of Artsakh and 100% of Armenians all over fake “Azerbaijan” including usurped Nakhijevan were brutally expelled and lost all they had to the claws of the murderous scavengers.

The population of fake “Azerbaijan” is over 8 million according to “Azeri” data, this in contrast with some 3 million in Armenia and Artsakh. Even if the “one million” myth could hypothetically be considered, it would still be less than the proportion of Armenian real refugees.


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