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The Future of Artsakh and Armenia

The Future of Artsakh and Armenia

The fact of the whole pipeline and railway matter is that the Turks are doing everything to show to the world that they are important and indispensable, while through isolating Armenia they hope to realize their sick pan-Turkist delusion and force it to cede the liberated land to the sore loser and perpetrator of genocide and war, the nonentity that stole its name from the northwest Iranian region of Azarbaijan (Atrpatakan). Right until now (early 2008), Armenia has not only managed to survive, but has a double digit, annual economic growth rate for several consecutive years.

Turks cannot tolerate the existence of an Armenia of any size and seeing that it is able to progress without the Turk is a nightmare to these murderous squatters. The future of Armenia is not only related to the future of Artsakh, it depends on it. The liberated territories have strengthened the Achilles’ heel of the republic, the narrowing southern part, the province of Siunik (Zangezur), which was held despite the Turkish machinations to sever it and annex it to fake “Azerbaijan” both in late 1920s and in the 1990s when they were cunningly putting forward the idea that they, the losers, would “exchange” the de facto independent Artsakh, by recognizing it, with Meghri, south of Siunik to eliminate the wedge between the Turkic tribes and finally materialize the goal of their age long delirium.

The great Armenian hero Garegin Njdeh (Nzhdeh) resisted the Turco-Bolshevik deceit in December 1920 and declared the independent republic of Lernahyastan (Mountainous Armenia), perhaps saving human civilization from utter Turkification. This might sound exaggerated but taking a look at history and the pan-Turkist aspirations one can appreciate the existence of this wedge that reins in the Turkish unfathomable craving for territory.

Territory, this is what it’s all about! It’s not oil, it’s not money… It was of no importance that they were killing the people most vital for their economy. According to the Bryce report, The Treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire 1915-16, “Our geographical survey has shown that talent and temperament had brought most of the industry, commerce, finance and skilled intellectual work of Turkey into the Armenians' hands. The Greeks may still have competed with them on the Ægean fringe, and the Sephardi Jews in the Balkans, but they [Armenians] had the whole interior of the Empire to themselves, with no competition to fear from the agricultural Turks or the pastoral Kurds …for they were the only native element capable of raising the Empire economically, intellectually and morally to a European standard, by which alone its existence could permanently be secured.”

An especially vital document that can be the last nail in the coffin of pan-Turkism is the treaty of Sèvres signed by 17 countries including the internationally recognized delegations of Armenia and the Ottomans, where the signatories agreed on awarding the arbitration of the delineation of the border between Turkey and Armenia to the US president Woodrow Wilson. According to international law, it is the duty of all the signing parties to force Turkey to demilitarize the legally ceded land, (the vilayets of Van, Karin (Erzerum), Baghesh (Bitlis) and Trebizond) and hand over its administration to the Republic of Armenia, the legal owner of those territories.

On 22 of November 1920 Woodrow Wilson signed the text of his decision and put the Great Seal of the United States on it, making it part of US law thus, a permanently valid and binding document. Therefore, in reality Turkey has been illegally occupying territory for almost 88 years (writing in 2008). The regrettable confusion, pessimism and disbelief of the majority of Armenians are due to the misunderstanding of this point. Most believe since Sèvres was not ratified as a result of Soviet occupation in December 1920 - soon after the signing by Wilson of the Arbitral Decision not leaving the sufficient time for its enforcing - therefore, it is not valid. Yet the ratification or not of the Sèvres treaty is not relevant to the Wilson arbitration which had been agreed on by the signatories, validating the decision upon its signing.

The Turkish disinformation has spread the lie that the treaty of Lausanne which was signed in 1923 renders the treaty of Sèvres void. This is absolutely not the case, since, according to international law only those states that signed a certain treaty have the power to annul it later. Only those and all of the 17 states plus the US that were involved with the treaty of Sèvres could do this whereas only 7 states were involved in the signing of Lausanne. Because Armenia had been forced into occupation by the still unrecognized Bolshevik bandits, they were not a part of the latter treaty where there is not a single mention of Armenia and Armenians.

Unlike what most Armenians believe, the Lausanne treaty does not occupy itself with the delineation of Turkish Armenian border, thus, it takes the Sèvres decision for granted. It is more about the other neighbors of Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria, and the subject of eastern Turkish border is not touched. Stronger still, it requires from Turkey to treat its minorities well and obliges it to restore and preserve the monuments of the peoples who live or used to live in Turkey, both points violently disregarded by the inventors of genocide ever since. There’s even the objection of the US who has hitherto refused to sign this treaty mainly because of Turkish occupation of Armenian territory. Ironically, Turkey’s second closest ally after Israel, the US, has not ever recognized Turkey.

Since for decades Armenia did not exist as an independent state, Armenians had to do all they could to get the Armenian Genocide recognized and did not have the legal power, i.e. an independent state, to enforce the Wilsonian Arbitration. However after the independence of the Republic of Armenia from the USSR yoke in 1991, things should have moved on. The Armenian government is bound to raise this issue as soon as possible demanding the redrawing of the Turkish-Armenian border according to the only legal treaty signed by the interested sides and a host of other powers, who have the duty to enforce the decisions of Wilson's arbitration, regardless of genocide recognition and what not. This is simply a legal matter and should not be viewed as compensation for all the murdered Armenians, their stolen livelihood and riches and all the destruction to their civilization and monuments. This phase should start after Turkey's recognition of the Armenian Genocide, whenever that may be.

The same way the leaders of Armenia must, no are condemned, to hold on to the liberated territories that serve as the guarantor for a secure and prosperous Armenia which will be the condition to allow the republic, in case a patriotic government comes to power, to raise the issue of the only valid treaty regarding the delineation of the border between Armenia and Turkey, the agreed arbitration of Woodrow Wilson, awarded to him by the treaty of Sèvres, signed on August 10, 1920, by 17 countries including the internationally recognized Armenian republic of the day and the Ottoman delegation.

That will be the day when pan-Turkism will be dead forever and the long chain of the calamities Armenians had to suffer at the paws of the intruding nomads from Turkistan will be broken for good.

Figure 24

Wilsonian Armenia

Less than 40% of historic Armenian territories: the Armenian Republic of 1918-1920 plus the four provinces, albeit partly, ceded to Armenia by the Woodrow Wilson arbitration, will guarantee the death of pan-Turkism, access to sea and a safe future for the Armenian nation

From treaty of Sèvres regarding the Turkish Armenian border:

Article 89.
Turkey and Armenia, as well as the other High Contracting Parties agree to submit to the arbitration of the President of the United States of America the question of the frontier to be fixed between Turkey and Armenia in the Vilayets of Erzerum, Trebizond, Van and Bitlis, and to accept his decision thereupon, as well as any stipulations he may prescribe as to access for Armenia to the sea, and as to the demilitarization of any portion of Turkish territory adjacent to the said frontier.

In the event of the determination of the frontier under Article 89 involving the transfer of the whole or any part of the territory of the said Vilayets to Armenia, Turkey hereby renounces as from the date of such decision (my emphasis, this renders the ratification or not of the treaty irrelevant to the decision of Wilson’s arbitration. H.) all rights and title over the territory so transferred. The provisions of the present Treaty applicable to territory detached from Turkey shall thereupon become applicable to the said territory…

The signatories of the treaty who have the legal duty to force Turkey to cede the Armenian lands they illegally occupy:

The British Empire, France, Italy and Japan, these Powers being described in the present Treaty as the Principal Allied Powers;

Armenia, Belgium, Greece, the Hedjaz, Poland, Portugal, Roumania, the Serb-Croat-Slovene state and Czecho-Slovakia, these Powers constituting, with the Principal Powers mentioned above, the Allied Powers, of the one part; and Turkey, of the other part.

A chaotically assembled failed state founded on two pillars of genocide and denial, with no cultural or scientific baggage, no contribution to human civilization other than death, destruction and genocide, no energy resources and an unaccomplished nation, Turkey does a brilliant job of appearing a modern, secular, democratic, tolerant, multicultural, European country in the eyes of a West too crippled in their arrogance to learn from history. The truth is that Turkey is the total opposite of all the above: it is a backward, deeply bigoted, fascist, intolerant, uncivilized, Ural-Altaic bandit empire where Christian priests are assassinated, Bible publishers are beheaded, minority citizens live in constant fear, even the tools of the Turk to exterminate the Armenians, the Kurds, that were especially migrated into Armenia for this very purpose are treated badly…

The brave Armenian editor working only towards peace and understanding between Turks and minorities living in Turkey, Hrant Dink was ruthlessly shot from behind in bright daylight in front of his workplace on 19th of January 2007. After a whole year the true perpetrators (the deep state, i.e. the Gray Wolf rulers of Turkey) have not been brought to justice and the “law” known as article 301 that sentences whoever dares talk about the Armenian Genocide to three years prison for having insulted Turkishness (talking about an unaccomplished nation…) has not moved a millimeter. This is the true ugly face of this genocidal fake state.

Turkey keeps the borders with Armenia closed which is an act of war, demands Armenia to forget about the Armenian Genocide and “return” its 2% of Turkish occupied territories liberated through sacrifice of the best of the nation to the coward “Azeri” losers. They destroy every Armenian monument in Turkish occupied Armenian lands to erase the evidence of their crimes. They change every Armenian place name and the names of flora and fauna with the terms armeniaca or armenicus in them. As soon as a mass grave from the victims of the Armenian Genocide is found they wipe it clean and present it as a Roman sarcophagus or something of the sort to the European scholars. Turkey spends millions of dollars lobbying in the West and seeks the help of Jewish organizations to force their deniers’ viewpoint about the Armenian Genocide and weaves fables about the “rich and powerful” Armenian lobby which in fact is neither and its sole strength is the truth.

Henry Morgenthau, the US Ambassador in the days of the Armenian Genocide, has correctly observed that Turks “were lacking in what we may call the fundamentals of a civilized community. They had no alphabet and no art of writing; no books, no poets, no art, and no architecture; they built no cities and they established no lasting state. They knew no law except the rule of might, and they had practically no agriculture and no industrial organization. They were simply wild and marauding horsemen, whose one conception of tribal success was to pounce upon people who were more civilized than themselves and plunder them. In the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries these tribes overran the cradles of modern civilization, which have given Europe its religion and, to a large extent, its civilization”.

Yet despite all these blatant shortcomings to put it mildly, the western lovers of Turkey are totally blind. I liken Turkey to an old and gruesomely hideous prostitute that has somehow stolen the cold heart of the West and manages to sell herself at an exaggerated high price.

To conclude, Turkey has nothing, Turkey is nothing. The moment the tap of hundreds of billions of dollars of “aid” that are shoved down the putrid throat of the Sick Man of Europe is turned off, they will start devouring donkeys, later when there’s no more of that they will munch on cats and dogs and still later when these too are scarce, the turkey will gobble down its own chicks… well, whelps.



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