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The Slaughter of Gurgen Markarian

The Slaughter of Gurgen Markarian

In the manner of Turkic invaders for over nine centuries where killing Armenians is an ordinary pastime – take the murder of an eight year-old boy from Berdashen by the “Azeri” headmaster of the school of the neighboring village in 1967 – on February 19, 2004 the human-shaped coward jackal, the “Azeri” Lieutenant Ramil Safarov, savagely hacked the Armenian Gurgen Markarian (Margaryan) to death while the latter was sleeping. At that time they were both following English courses in Budapest in the framework of NATO’s “Partnership for Peace” program.

Playing truant on an excursion six days before the murder, the monster bought an axe. After committing the despicable, racist act the thug tried to kill a second Armenian when he was stopped by other students who heard him cry that he was craving Armenian blood only, the motive of the murder of an otherwise total stranger. After a lengthy trial the scum was condemned to rot in prison.

Keeping in mind the context of this barbaric act, i.e. the NATO connection, the western media went totally dumb and not only no sign of condemnation, nor regret, nor even sympathy was to be discerned from the kind that had bred this atrocious creature, the genocidal Turk was praised in his native “Azerbaijan” on highest governmental level and was proclaimed “man” of the year.

Iskander Hamidov, former Minister of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan for instance, bragged that “The more Azeris kill Armenians, the less Armenians there will be.”

Elmira Suleymanova, the Ombudswoman of Azerbaijan wailed: “ Safarov must become an example of patriotism for the Azerbaijani youth.” (Zerkalo, 28/02/2004)

Emin Hassanli, chairman of the Public Association for Enlightenment of Young Reserve Officers whimpered: “We think that he [Ramil Safarov] did right to kill the Armenian officer and protected the honour [!] of the Azeri officer in this manner” (Azer-Press, 24/02/2004)

This shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the constant howling of the “Azeri” side concerning giving the “highest” possible level of autonomy to the Armenians of a de facto victorious and independent Artsakh within “Azerbaijan” are mere lies.


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