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“Armenians did not win, it was the Russians” Lie (part II)

“Armenians did not win, it was the Russians” Lie (part II)

What were the brave Turks doing in the meantime? Soon after the invasion of the USSR in June 1941, Iranian Azarbaijani turned “Azeri” pan-Turkist Rasulzadeh, Ayaz Ishaqi and their Tatar buddies dashed to Berlin to pledge allegiance to the Führer. Here, let us remember the Turkic collaborators of the Nazis: “Islamic-Caucasus Legion”, “Turkistan Legion”, “National Turkistan Union” etc., as well. Suddenly the sick pan-Turkist delirium was revived. The Soviet Union would be destroyed and the chained and shackled Turkic tribes would be liberated from the monster that had promoted these tent-dwellers to nation states.

Turkey was dealing with Hitler, signing a treaty of friendship with Nazi Germany on 18th of June 1941 a mere four days before the invasion of the USSR, waiting for the German victory to jump the bandwagon and destroy Armenia, extending its borders to the ogre of its own creation, fabricated for this very reason and the usurpation of the real Azarbaijan (Atrpatakan), the latter ungrateful task being on the shoulders of “Azerbaijan” itself, invading and annexing it in 1945. This is how the pan-Turkists used the Bolshevik “brotherhood” while the gullible Armenians were dying defending the hollow ideal.

Wailing the Praise of the Führer to the sky, the Turkish prime minister who held meetings with Von Papen, the main Nazi supporter of the pan-Turkist ideas, brayed that the “Russian question will only be solved when at least half of the Russian population is annihilated”. The already mentioned half sibling of Enver, Nouri Pasha (still alive and kicking!) presented his delusional plans to create diverse Turkic states all over the place, to the Germans. To cut a long story short, genial interaction between the fascists and pan-Turkists reached its peak, baring the similarities of the two ideologies.

Regarding the lies about Turkey having given refuge to Jews escaping persecution in WWII one example will suffice. A 74 year old ship called Macedonia hastily repaired and renamed Struma sailed on December 12, 1941, with 769 Jewish passengers almost half of them women and children, all escaping from Romania. It reached Constantinople on the 15th where it stayed for 71 days with the passengers on board waiting for entry. The conditions were unbearable due to total lack of most basic sanitary facilities and a leak in the hull of the ship.

Despite months long negotiations the ship was ordered to leave on February 23, 1942. The next day it tore apart in mysterious circumstances and except for one survivor and five others who had been allowed to leave the ship earlier for various reasons, 763 of the refugees died. The cause of the ship’s sinking has only been left to conjectures ranging from the explosion of a sea mine to a torpedo from submarines to the fact that it was old and worn out. While the Turks blame the British (!) for the catastrophe and pat themselves on the back for having generously allowed the ship to stay for such a long period of time in their docks, it is hard to rule out their secret dealings with the Nazis as the chief cause for refusing the refugees.

Figure 12

The pan-Turkic Appetite: Bozkurt (Gray Wolf) magazine printed from 1939 to 1942 in “neutral” Turkey

Note how the entire Black and Caspian Seas are inside the “great” Turkic “empire”. On the top the slogan reads “Turkish race is the superior race”; all in the days of Nazi glory…

Pan-Turkism has a serious flaw though: even if the Turks manage to destroy Armenia, they still have the largest lake in the world as a natural hurdle between them and their Turkic kin in Central Asia. This cannot be overcome unless they either suck the Caspian dry, or steal all the territories around the Caspian that belong to Iran and Russia. The usurpation of the real Azarbaijan (Atrpatakan) alone won’t do, they need to sever all the northern provinces of Iran and Russian territories adjacent to the Caspian to materialize the sick delirium.

Fake “Azerbaijan” cries to the world that without Russian help Armenians could not have won, but they “forget” the Ring Operation with its disastrous loss of Shahoomian and northern Artsakh territories simply because, just like the case with the fall of Kars seventy years prior to that, the Armenians did not have the heart to shoot Russians, without whose help the “Azeris” could not have occupied and ethnically “cleansed” the 24 Armenian settlements.

On the other hand they do not seem to feel any shame in having used Afghan mujahedin, Al Qaeda and Chechen terrorists, Ukrainian pilots and other Slavonic mercenaries, etc. against the Armenians during the Artsakh war.

In an interview with the murdered terrorist Shamil Basayev broadcast on ANS “Azeri” TV, the interviewer admitted that Chechen terrorists helped “Azerbaijan” in their war against the people of Artsakh: “[Reporter] I would like to switch to questions about Azerbaijan, mutual relations with Azerbaijan and apart from that, a concrete question about Nagornyy Karabakh. As is known, you [Basayev] visited Azerbaijan several times in 1992 and took an active part in hostilities for the liberation of Nagornyy Karabakh. Why do you think Azerbaijan lost the war to the Armenians?

After some rhetorical rant in form of questions and answers undermining the Armenian victory: “[Basayev] First, what I saw there, and many of my guys from one battalion fought there and we nearly had an officer corps at that time. Other guys saw it and we analysed all this. There were several reasons there. First it was that this was an artificially-unleashed conflict (by who? H.). First of all, it was unleashed by Russia (you bet! H.) …they deliberately fanned the flames of this conflict in advance to have a chance to influence or control the situation both in Armenia and Azerbaijan. The Russians helped the Armenians very much (to lose Shahoomian and northern Artsakh H.)”.

Further on, the main reason for participating in this sort of terrorist acts is revealed: “[Reporter] At that time, as is known, there was talk that Chechen mojahedin had come to help the Azerbaijani national army and an agreement was reached that the mojahedin were helping to liberate Nagornyy Karabakh in return for trophies they were capturing from the Armenians. This agreement allegedly existed. After that, for some other reasons, the Chechens left Azerbaijan. What was the reason? Can you tell us what happened there?” (All emphases are mine. H.)

The urge for pillage and motivation for war among primitive savages is clearly demonstrated on “Azeri” TV, the rest of this interesting interview reveals the quarrels of the plunderers over the “trophies” and the pretexts and justifications of Basayev, the running away of “2,800 strong garrison” from a mere 700 Armenians (liars are forgetful, he doesn’t say Russians!) during the liberation of Shushi, and other acts of Turkish bravery such as running away with hardware instead of leaving the hardware to the enemy, an action that guaranteed the title of hero for the chicken-droppings.


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