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“Armenians did not win, it was the Russians” Lie (part I)

“Armenians did not win, it was the Russians” Lie (part I)

Shamelessness and self-righteousness are the most prominent characteristics of the Turk. Obviously, ungratefulness is a perfect match for these traits. The Bolshevik tsar Ulyanov of Russia, a.k.a. Lenin with his half Tatar origin, was so magnanimous to the Turkic kind that several nation states emerged from these nomadic cattle-herder groups all over Central Asia. The ancient Iranian cultural cities of Samarqand and Bukhara were treacherously placed in the newly created Uzbekistan instead of the Tajikistan of Iranian origin. 60% of the internationally recognized Republic of Armenia went to Turkey and fake “Azerbaijan”, laying the foundation of the Artsakh war.

While every Bashkir, Tatar, Chuvash, Balkar, Karakalpak and Uyghur wonderer tribe also received an autonomous republic within Soviet Russia that bore the name of the group, none of the three cunningly severed provinces of Armenia: the Nakhijevan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Nagorno Karabakh Autonomous Oblast and Javakhk, with not even an autonomous status, included the term “Armenian” in their renaming, although in all three the Armenian population constituted an overwhelming majority; certainly a premeditated plot of genocide to be enacted afterwards.

While Artsakh and Nakhijevan were offered to fake “Azerbaijan” by the Bolshevik tsar, the Armenians never got any particularly fair treatment by the western powers either. Not only did they, with the exception of the United States, not move a finger to save the Armenians from being butchered all over the Ottoman Slaughterhouse, green light was given to the fabrication of fake “Azerbaijan” in 1918, and Javakhk was snatched out of the victorious Armenian army and offered to the Georgians in 1919 by the centuries-long lover of the Turks, Britain, that has never lost a chance to take sides with any wretch who has something against the Armenians.

Incidentally, it was the British treachery that insisted Artsakh be put under Mussavat “Azerbaijan” rule when they very well knew that Artsakh was at least a disputed territory with an Armenian population that given the bloody history of the Turks, should under no circumstances go under Turkic yoke. It was indeed the British that in 1919 insistently told the Artsakh Armenians to accept the authority of “Azerbaijani” government appointed “governor” Khosrovbeg Sultanov, an impertinent order which was repeatedly rejected by Karabakh National Council.

Armenia was the most ancient nation within and, at the same time, the smallest of the 15 “republics” of the Soviet Union. Its population comprised about 1% of the “union of brotherly nations”, the territory allotted to Armenia was a bit more than 0.1% of the whole of the USSR, yet Armenia produced over 10% of the Union’s scientists not to speak of the composers, musicians, painters, sculptors, movie directors, actors, opera singers, etc.

Which “Azeri” greatness can allow themselves to tie the shoelaces of composers Aram Khachaturian and Arnaud Babajanian, the filmmaker Sergey Parajanov, the designer of the first MiG fighter Artem Mikoyan, the nuclear scientists Artem Alikhanian and his brother Abraham Alikhanov who co-founded the first heavy water decelerated nuclear reactor in the Soviet Union in 1949, the great astrophysicist Victor Hambartsumian, founder of the first school of theoretical astrophysics in the USSR, winner of countless international awards and member of even more scientific societies all over the world, to name but a few from the endless list?

The brazen warmongering ruffians project their cowardice on Armenians as well, yet the savagery of the monster Ramil Safarov committed against Gurgen Markarian while he was sleeping is an excellent sample of Turkish bravery not to forget the driving of millions of helpless women, children and elderly to roast in the deserts of Syria, not to forget all the barbarities they brought on the Armenian citizens all over fake “Azerbaijan” during the closing decades of the 20th century, in the non-ending list of acts of Turkish valor. Yet to the Turk, an Armenian is a rug they can wipe their hoofs on, who always bows their necks to the scimitar of the Turk.

Could the Armenians fight and liberate their homeland? “Hell no,” think the Turks to themselves, “they wouldn’t dare”. It must have been the Russians otherwise the Armenians would not, could not win from the pregnant women disemboweling and babies to hard surfaces hurling, brave Turk! Those “bad Russians” who gave so much to the tent-dwelling nomads…

Among the infinite accusations Turks throw at the Armenians is the myth of Armenian collaboration with Nazis, a dirty lie that aims to provoke anti-Armenian sentiments among WWII sensitive western societies. They always cite the totally obscure, Wehrmacht ordered, so-called “812th Armenian battalion” under Dro’s command, yet they “fail” to mention that it was mainly comprised of Armenian prisoners of war taken in the east, the rest being citizens of the Nazi controlled regions who were simply performing their duties.

While I shun the constant comparison between the events of the two world wars, here I make an exception: Isn’t it the Turks that ceaselessly whine that Armenians sided with Russians during WWI, therefore betrayed “their” masters and got what they deserved? Apart from this being a filthy, self-righteous lie, it cunningly counts the Armenians under Russian rule among the “traitors” to the bloodsucking parasite that had been gnawing at the existence of the Armenians for nine centuries.

At their 8th General Assembly in 1914, Dashnaktsoutioun ordered its bodies to collaborate with the Turkish government and be with them even in the event of war. As a mature political organization, sensing the dire situation of the state helped it, issuing orders to the provinces inviting the people to be loyal to Turkey and as a conscientious nation, perform their citizen's duty.

It is true that Armenian citizens of the Russian controlled eastern parts of Armenia fought in the Russian army, performing their duties as subjects of the state, just like the Armenian citizens of the Ottoman Tyranny who were recruited, and to leave the nation without defenders, cold bloodedly executed after they were used as beasts of burden to carry heavy war machinery or for constructions of all kind including the Baghdad railroad.

Had the Armenian citizens of Nazi occupied regions refused the conscription (albeit in very small numbers), couldn’t the Germans say Armenians were traitors and had to be destroyed? Here lies the fact of the matter of Dro’s superficial collaboration: the genocidal Turk saw in Hitler someone mad enough to carry out their age-old plan of the annihilation of the Armenians and spread rumors of Armenians being of Semitic origin (whatever the hell that means, if one decides they believe the Noah mythology). Dro and some of his friends (certainly not the entire Dashnaktsoutioun) devised a plan to convince Hitler that Armenians were of Aryan origin (whatever the hell that means, since according to Iranian mythology where the Noah story was also taken from, only the children of Fereidun’s son Iraj can be considered Aryans).

This saved Armenians from yet another genocide and was definitely worth it because while the “812th Armenian battalion” that only operated in Crimea and the North Caucasus has not had the slightest of significance in WWII, concentration camps in Turkey were created in winter 1942 where Armenians, Greeks and Jews who did not have the means to pay the exorbitant, newly invented taxes, Varlik Vergisi, within 30 days, were arrested and sent there in Ashkale near Babert (distorted into Bayburt) in the occupied Armenian province of Karin (Erzerum).

Old, city dwelling men who had never been in such cold environment, had to lift pickaxes with their delicate hands and break ice or stone until they died. They were kept in utterly miserable conditions, perhaps worse than those under Nazi camps. A graphic account of this fascistic behavior can be found in the Turkish author, Kemal Yalçin’s recent book “Seninle Güler Yüregim”, where he travels far and wide and narrates his conversations with Armenians (secret or otherwise) wherever he could find them all over Turkey.

It is perfectly clear why Turks hate Dro. He is one of the generals who successfully defended his people against the Turks in their extermination war to do away with the last segment of Armenia in the Caucasus; a war in which the Armenians defeated the several times larger Turkish army in 1918 and revived their state for the first time in more than five centuries after the fall of the Armenian kingdom in Cilicia in 1375.

Turks cannot help to revile every Armenian hero from Andranik, Njdeh, Dro, Serop Aghbyur, Nikol Duman, Gevorg Chavush, Ruben who took arms and defended their people, to political leaders who gave their lives for their nation like Aram Manoukian and Grigor Zohrab even patriotic religious leaders such as Khrimian Hyrik. The Armenians do not have the right to live freely in their home; no, they do not have the right to live at all.

The Turkish smear campaign blows up the nonexistent importance of the unknown “infamous 812th Armenian battalion” yet does not want to hear that the “infamous” 89th Soviet Armenian army division, also known as Tamanian, cut 3700 kilometers, liberated 900 areas and reached Berlin, 7333 of its soldiers received medals and distinctions, 9 became Soviet Heroes.

The Turkish hatemongering would not have it that the “infamous” Armenian 76th division crossed 7000 kilometers, liberated 600 areas, gave 21 Soviet Heroes, or the “infamous” 390th or the “infamous” 261st or the “infamous” 408th or the “infamous” 409th that reached Czechoslovakia... They were present on all fronts: in the Caucasus, Crimea, Moscow, Odessa, Leningrad, Stalingrad, Japan, etc.

103 Armenians became Soviet Heroes, 23 were knighted with all three degrees of the Award of Glory, 70,000 received awards and medals.

About 60 Armenian generals took part in WWII and were in the highest ranks of the Soviet army commanders, among who General Hovhannes Baghramian (Bagramyan), later Soviet Marshal, repeatedly Soviet Hero and army commander, Admiral Hovhannes (Ivan) Isakov, Marshal Khanferiants, Gen. Hamazasp Babajanian (later field marshal of armored division), Gen. Barseghov, Gen. Galajev, Gen. Sarkiss Martirossian, Gen. Hyke Martirossian, Gen. Karapetian, Gen. Toumanian, Gen. Arushanian and others. How many Turkish soldiers of any variety can be allowed to kiss the ground these generals walked on?

Lieutenant General Sarkiss Martirossian, incidentally born in later “Azeri” occupied Shamakhi in 1900, fought on the southern front, in Ukraine, Poland, Romania, etc., first with the 227th then the commander of the 340th artillery division of Moscow. His is the very first army that reached Berlin. Stronger still, the Armenian army was the only one from the Soviet Union that reached Berlin.

Martirossian played the key role in the liberation of Kiev, the capital of Christian Ukraine, presently the major provider of arms to “Azerbaijan”, selling them countless tanks, rockets and, surprise, surprise: originally Armenian designed MiGs, of which Armenia itself does not own any.

Of course, any state has to act in the interests of their nation but wouldn’t a grain of humanity be misplaced in such awkward situations? It is not just the arms business. It is this GUAM Organization where Ukraine also takes part along with Georgia, “Azerbaijan” and Moldova that keep passing resolutions against the so-called separatist regions of the latter three states, which also aims at Artsakh making this an essentially anti-Armenian cooperation. Ukraine should take a look at its recent history and remember where they would be without General Martirossian. Even the Turkic Uzbekistan took the dignified step and left the organization that originally was called GUUAM, taking their “U” out of this band of snivelers.

About 600,000 Armenians took part in WWII 45,000 of them from Artsakh, not to mention the 20,000 recruits in the US and not to mention the Armenian partisans all over Europe in Bulgaria, Poland, Yugoslavia, Greece, France and Italy. The Armenian partisan commander Missak Manouchian with his around 100 fighters of diverse nationalities carried out all the acts of resistance in Paris in 1943. Later members of the group were arrested and executed by the Nazis. Armenians of the Diaspora funded a Soviet tank corps called Sassoontsi Davit that in turn advanced 200 kilometers liberating occupied lands from the invaders. The Diaspora Armenians did not spare any effort to help destroy fascism and contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the same cause.

Armenians fought on all fronts from the Caucasus to Crimea, from Volga to everywhere in Eastern and Western Europe to the Far East, from Odessa to Japan, from Moscow to Stalingrad, from Kiev to Berlin where they were the first to reach and the only Soviet army to do so and danced the traditional Armenian dances of Bertapar and Kochari in front of the Reichstag. Yet they are being reviled by Turks and their Zionist allies who accuse them of collaboration with Nazis, desecrating the memory of hundreds of thousands of Armenian heroes.

They all fought in a war that was not even theirs. About half of the Armenian participants from the USSR perished in the war: more than 10% of the entire Armenian population of the time and a huge loss for a nation that had seen the darkest tragedy in human history only a couple of decades earlier which destroyed 70% of the Armenian genofund. Despite this, the state of Israel officially and categorically denies the Armenian Genocide from the highest officials down.

Among the Armenian losses 22,000 were from Artsakh, around half of the total from the province, whereas hardly any “Azeris” of the region were sent. Obviously, the Turco-Bolshevik treachery would not want to stop for a moment and did not lose a single chance to empty Artsakh of its Armenian population. It did not end there. As reward for all this sacrifice, deportation of people began in 1949 for fallacious pretexts customary to ideological totalitarian tyrannies; labels such as enemies of the state, traitors, nationalists, etc. were applied arbitrarily on countless innocent people to further the initial goal of depopulating Artsakh. They were sent to Siberia, soon to be replaced by “Azeri” squatters being settled in their homes.


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