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The Double Standards of the “International” Community

The Double Standards of the “International” Community

Despite the horrors and the all-out war the “Azeri” criminals waged that wiped all the Armenian population all over fake “Azerbaijan”, the people of Artsakh, on the verge of the same sad destiny, were condemned to defend their home and succeeded against all odds to repel the intruders and liberate parts of their homeland, correcting the wrong brought on them seventy years prior, albeit partly. If the echoes of the “international” community regarding the “Azeri” barbarities did not go beyond meek admonishing of the murderous Turks, ever since the Armenians got the upper hand in the unjust “Azeri” aggression, the humanitarian mask fell and the anti-Armenian smear campaign started to take shape.

Indeed, the loss of the launching pads that shelled the innocent Artsakh civilians with Grad missiles on a daily basis for months, especially the extinguishing of the fire from Khojaly in February of 1992, hastened this disinformation crusade which gave birth to that nasty hoax where Armenians who have suffered nine centuries of massacre and destruction at the paws of the nomadic hordes from Turkistan were portrayed as perpetrators of the most common rites of Turkish culture.

This continued to become more malicious as the Armenians were conquering one lair where the cowards were bombing the civilians from, after the other. Especially the liberation of the Berdadzor (Lachin) corridor and the ancient Armenian fortress city of Shushi on May the ninth which connected Artsakh to motherland Armenia was hard to swallow for the traditional friend of the Turk. It is astonishing that as long as Armenians are being persecuted, mutilated, burned and massacred, these defenders of “human” rights feel sorry yet don’t move a finger. But watch out if the Armenians take arms to defend themselves against the frenzied bloodthirsty hordes… No, they do not seem to count as part of humanity who has a right to protect their lives and if they do so they will soon be labeled as aggressors.

This is nothing new. The same thing went on for the handful acts of self-defense in the days of the Armenian Genocide. Especially that of Van in 1915 has been constantly used by the Turks to justify the extermination of an entire nation. This is because several thousands of inhabitants of Van, the capital of Armenia of three thousand year ago, managed to escape the scimitar of the Turk exactly as a result of this act of self-defense.

The appalling losses of the “Azeri” “counter-attacks” to re-usurp the liberated territories despite constant international admonition to stop the hostilities, forced them into their cunning abuse of Armenian forgiveness and magnanimity. The “Azeri” losers begged for ceasefire which they alas and alack got, the latest to date (2008) having been signed on 11th of May 1994 in Bishkek between republics of Armenia, Artsakh and “Azerbaijan”.

While the Artsakh issue has been de facto resolved in spite of areas of Artsakh and Armenia including Shahoomian, Gandzak and Artzvashen still remaining under illegal “Azeri” occupation, the diplomatic carnival was entrusted to CSCE (Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe) which later went a name change for the sole purpose of “resolving” the Artsakh issue, i.e. the signing of a worthless piece of peace paper in return for the abandon of Artsakh independence by the Armenians. The first C became an O, meaning organization, hence the impotent, pro-Turkish OSCE came into being. The assignment of the issue to this body, consequently the exclusion of the UN, was a sly move that ensured that one of the major powers having borders with the involving parties, Iran, had no place in the “negotiations”.

The preparations for peace talks that had to take place in 1992 in Minsk led to the mediator team’s appellation, the Minsk Group: the pack of clowns who go back and forth from Baku to Yerevan to Stepanakert to Yerevan to Baku to keep the circus a running. The three stooges of this bunch of jesters are representatives of Russia, France and a belated United States. The current joker from the US is the loose-lipped Matthew Bryza, a Turkophile with a Turkish wife that from time to time trumpets his delusions and wishful thinking concerning the urgent “solution” of the conflict in Turkish interests of course.

It is noteworthy that Artsakh was initially a negotiating party which also signed the ceasefire treaty, yet the brazen “Azeri” losers have disallowed Artsakh from participation and ferociously reject calls for it to be part of “peace” talks, deviously misleading the international community towards degrading the whole issue into a territorial dispute between Armenia and fake “Azerbaijan” and directing the talks to certain deadlock, all this with the connivance of the OCSE slackers and the interested powers. How on earth can an issue be solved without the involvement of the main subject of the conflict?

It does not matter if the Turks lose a war; they always get support from the Anglo-Saxon world to turn their misfortune into their benefit. This happened after the Russian victory over the Ottomans in 1878, where Armenian generals also played an important role in taking parts of Turkish occupied Armenia. The peace treaty of San Stefano with its beneficial article 16 was rejected by the British under influence of the Disraeli, leading to setting up of the Congress of Berlin to literally reverse the fortune of the Armenians with its article 61… While Kars, Ardahan and Batum remained in Russian Empire, Alashkert and Bayazid were “returned” to the Turkish losers so that British commercial interests would not be disturbed. Once more the hopes of the Armenians to get rid of the Turkish yoke were shattered by the avaricious “Christian” world.

History is repeating itself. The latest paper produced by the Minsk Group is totally derogatory for a victorious side. It is astonishing that the Armenian side constantly announces they agree with the principles of the document. Although the “mediators” insist on the secrecy of the talks, the essential points of the demeaning agreement have “leaked out” as a result of loudmouth Bryza’s fervor. Unsurprisingly the very first point concerns territory, the reason for the Armenian Genocide, Artsakh conflict being an integral part of this never ceasing plot. They are approximately as follows:

I. Armenian troops must evacuate the “occupied” territories of “Azerbaijan”.

While there is not a single mention of the release of Artsakh territories occupied by the “Azeris” with the help of the Soviet Russian army, this will nullify the security buffer, exposing Artsakh and Armenia to the caprices of murderous “Azeris”, who will comfortably use their positions to shell and air bomb Artsakh yet again and get it over with for good.

II. The “Azeri” “refugees”, that are exceedingly inflated to one million, a lie that has been rejected even by pro-Turkish organizations, should “return” to the so-called mountainous Artsakh and the surrounding territories.

It is beyond belief that such reeking double standards are imposed on the winner of the war. Whereas there is no mention of around 400,000 Armenian real refugees who were brutally expelled from their home all over fake “Azerbaijan”, and seeing the persistent hatemongering coming from all levels of “Azeri” hierarchy, the cruel murder in his sleep of Gurgen Markarian and the glorification of the murderer, the destruction of Jugha cemetery which shows that the Turks do not even have mercy for the dead Armenians, how on earth do these OSCE fools believe bringing a million “Azeris” to Artsakh can guarantee the safety of around 150,000 remaining Armenians of the region?

Incidentally, when do the Armenians have to go back to their homeland? 93 years of exile are not enough? What's the hurry for the “Azeri” intruders?

III. “Peace” keepers should be deployed in the ceded region, i.e. in Armenian land.

Since the ceasefire in 1994, “Azeri” soldiers have continuously broken the treaty and have fired into the Armenian side killing many soldiers and civilians so why not peacekeepers in the “Azeri” side where peace is not kept? Experience shows the moment the Blue Helmet mercenaries are brought into a similar conflict they turn the region into a brothel, not to forget their total ignorance of the local customs and their ill treatment of the natives.

IV. After an indefinite long period, usually thought to be between 10 to 20 years, the people of Artsakh will hold a referendum to decide Artsakh's future: independence or “return” to “Azeri” yoke.

Without an explanation coming from the “mediators” for the need of such waiting time, as if the seventy years of “Azeri” persecution and twenty years of war and fragile ceasefire were not enough, this is obviously meant to give the “Azeris” time to further increase their numbers and enact their pan-Turkist plans of harassment of the Armenians. Despite this, the defeated “Azeri” war criminals stubbornly put forth the outrageous condition that the referendum be held all over fake “Azerbaijan” rather than only in Artsakh and the losers still unabashedly consider the acceptance of this point a compromise from the “Azeri” side.

Amusingly enough, the Turk projects its uncompromising stance and accuses the Armenians of inflexibility. The participation of the principal side of the conflict, Artsakh, in the talks is vehemently disallowed by the defeated side and the Armenians who are imprudently ready to cede historically Armenian territory liberated through colossal sacrifices to the loser of the Turk perpetrated war are the “bad” guys where the brazen Turk is unwilling to give a finger.

The problem is, the worthless “peace” paper thus obtained will not have any benefit for the Armenians because it won't end there. Emboldened by their gains despite their abysmal defeat, the Turks will not abide by the dictates of any such treaty and just like they have broken every promise since the Ottoman days, they will first demand Zangezur to have access to occupied Nakhijevan and engulf Armenia in a deadly Turkish quagmire. This will definitely be the end of Armenia, hence, the wily insistence of the pro-Turkish western powers to get the liberated territories “back” on all accounts.

The role of the so-called expert non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the hands of whose doubtful behind the scenes puller of strings are as obvious as the sunrise, has to be taken into account as well. Regardless of the field these groups are specialized in, as far as the Artsakh issue is concerned, their inhomogeneous choir wails the same cacophonous disharmony of the urgent ceding of the liberated lands to the “Azeris”.

No matter whether they have “Human”, “International”, “Freedom”, “Democracy”, “Justice” or what not benign sounding term in the name of their club, never a single word of comfort, not even lip service or at least a drop of crocodile tear has been expended for the victims of Sumgait, Baku, Gandzak, Shahoomian, Maragha, etc. The anti-Christ vampires that they are, not an utterance of regret has escaped their miserly lips concerning the destruction of centuries old, priceless Christian heritage in Jugha cemetery, a fact backed even by video footage, catching the vandals red-handed on film.

While we are on the subject, the burning of some dry weeds somewhere in the liberated area, determined by the independent observers to be caused by summer heat, or possibly by reckless “Azeri” shootings, aggressively propagated by the “Azeris” in countering the nonexistent objections for their annihilation of Armenian monuments, gets the attention of the European Union and a certain René van der Linden with a soft spot (somewhere on his cadaver for sure) for the Turks regretfully articulates: “Such cases caused by one of the parties to the conflict are very unpleasant”, while neither he nor the other Draculas would ever consider talking about the documented destruction of Armenian stone-crosses in Jugha.

To the timid complaints of the Armenian statesmen to such barbarities, where they should in the least have flown a helicopter gunship to the area and shot the “Azeri” soldiers busy sledge-hammering the monuments or even less, have stopped the “negotiations” and demanded the matter be condemned by the international community, the “Azeris” violently retort with lies like the “forest” fires or destruction of ancient “Azeri” “heritage” by the Armenians. How on earth a “country” that is less than a century old could possibly have ancient heritage? The tent-dwelling Tatars of the Caucasus buried their defunct members and put a small stone they found lying around on top of the grave of the dead nomad with no inscriptions or signs of any kind. After some time these “cemeteries” were covered by soil and were lost. One wonders, whether anybody would want to waste precious time to find these architectural masterpieces let alone squander energy to destroy these wonders.

If there are any old mosques in the area that were not destroyed in the Stalin era years after the destruction of churches of course, they were built by the Persians when the eastern part of Armenia was under Persian rule and it is a fact that the Armenians have never been destroyers of monuments of others. Stronger still, the mosque of Shushi still stands and the Blue Mosque of Yerevan was renovated by the Iranian government.

Similar ignoring of hate propaganda and exculpation of Turks by European officials are the predictable response to every meek criticism from the Armenian government. The constant desperate howling of sultan Aliev and vizier Abiev (or Abiyev “Azeri” minister of war) are the order of the day: waging war, announcing the destruction of Armenia in less than twenty years, delivering lectures, fabricating history that in the era when they were slaughtering tens of thousands of Armenians of Baku and Shushi “Azerbaijan” offered the “Azeri” khanate of Erivan (!) to Armenians in 1918, where they finally founded their state for the first time in history. The historic founding of the Erebuni fortress where the name Yerevan comes from, in 782 BC by the Armenian king Argishti I, 27 centuries before the counterfeiting of fake “Azerbaijan” and around two thousand years before the ill day the hoofs of the Turks desecrated the civilized lands west of the Caspian must have escaped the infallible memory of the second “Azeri” monarch.

Such rabid tirades full of hatemongering fall on selectively deaf European ears or are somehow justified. To “the concerns of Armenia’s Prime Minister in connection with the militant propaganda in Azerbaijan” the “EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus” a rogue called Peter Semneby puts the Turks off the hook calling it “the work style of Azeri media” barefacedly lying, “But recently it seems that nothing similar is noticed in Azeri President Ilham Aliev’s approaches”. In the best cases, a fallacious equation of “both sides should refrain from war rhetoric” is the harshest they can get.


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