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The Nakhijevan Destruction (part I)

The Nakhijevan Destruction

Figure 13

Jugha Khachkars (Stone-Crosses) before destruction

Figure 14

Distant view of Jugha cemetery before destruction

Figure 15

General view of part of Jugha cemetery before destruction

Figure 16

Nakhijevan, December 2005 not 1905, 1915, 1918, 1920 or even 1988 Genocide in broad daylight, completely overlooked by the hypocritical “Christian” western states that would do anything for a few drops of oil

First of all it should be noted that 27,000 Armenian monuments of all kinds: churches, monasteries, stone-crosses, bridges, cemeteries, etc., have been accounted for by the scholar Argam Ayvazian in Nakhijevan alone and reports that have leaked from the illegally occupied province have confirmed that all the churches have already been razed to the ground, thus, no Armenian monument may actually be standing anymore in Nakhijevan.

In the exact manner of its progenitor Turkey where thousands of churches, monasteries and other Armenian monuments have been destroyed, especially since the end of WWII when the Turks feared that a victorious Russia would demand the return of Armenian territory ceded in 1921, similar methods of cultural genocide have been adopted in “Azerbaijan” and even in Christian Georgia. In the sick minds of these criminals, every trace of the millennia old Armenian presence all over the place must be erased lest someday the landlord might become strong and take back their property.

In December 2005 the “Azeri” usurpers of Nakhijevan resumed the destruction of what was left of the Khachkars also known as stone-crosses - a unique form of religious monument usually more than two meters high - of the Jugha cemetery to completely wipe any evidence of indigenous Armenians from their historic homeland of Nakhijevan, after they successfully conducted the ethnic “cleansing” of the province in front of the eyes of the consenting Soviet leaders.

Already in November 1998 and especially in November 2002 most of the Khachkars had been toppled and broken in pieces. Since this went unpunished as usual and organizations such as UNESCO did not show any concern, the genocidal occupiers finished their evil job in the final days of 2005 in broad daylight. In each case the atrocity could be seen and was photographed and videotaped from the Iranian side, yet to no avail.


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